november 17-19 2023 | world trade center

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The word “cashless” might not be what you think. Cashless Expo 2023 aims to showcase the transformative potential of digital payment solutions, including e-wallets, debit and credit cards, and online bank transfers using NFC technology. Register now and venture into the world of digital transactions. Be at the forefront of the cashless revolution by being a part of this monumental yet informative event.

A 3-day groundbreaking event that marks a monumental leap toward digital transactions. Get into the world of cashless payment solutions and learn more about the transformative potential of digital payments. Think “Cashless” and join us as we embrace the new era of digital transactions. Secure your spot at the Cashless Expo 2023 today!

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A three-day event that leverages and highlights the use of digital payment methods such as e-wallets, debit/credit cards, and online bank transfers using QR codes or Near Field Communication (NFC) technology that enables contactless transactions.

The Cashless Expo 2023 is a partnership event between government agencies and the private sector aimed at promoting cashless transactions among micro, small, and medium enterprises. This event aims to engage merchants and consumers to use digital payments and to onboard and orient merchants in the use of digital payment methods.

The Cashless Expo 2023 will take place on November 17–19, 2023, at the World Trade Center.

The Cashless Expo 2023 is scheduled to be held in person, offering attendees the opportunity to network and engage face-to-face rather than in an online format.

To register, please visit REGISTRATION LINK . For Cashless Expo 2023-related questions, message us at or visit the official event website for more information and the official Cashless Expo 2023 social media platforms.

Attendees will be required to make an on-site payment of Php100. Digital payment methods will be accepted for a seamless transaction experience. This approach aligns with the event’s cashless theme, ensuring a convenient and efficient payment process for all participants.

The Cashless Expo 2023 is ideal for a wide range of attendees, including individuals and professionals from various sectors such as business, technology, retail, and digital enthusiasts. The event caters to anyone interested in exploring the latest trends, technologies, and strategies related to cashless payments, digital finance, and emerging payment solutions. Whether you’re a business owner, an entrepreneur, or simply curious about digitization and cashless transactions, this event offers valuable insights and networking opportunities for all.

The following topics and themes will be covered at the expo

  • Presentation and use of cashless payment solutions in the Philippines.
  • Launching of latest products and services from registered merchants.
  • Expert speakers covering big ideas, market disruptors, new industry trends and innovative technologies in payments, banking, e-commerce.
  • Expansion of professional network and collaboration of ideas, uncovering new opportunities before and after the event and many more!


For sponsorship questions or inquiries about opportunities and how your company can get involved, please contact or visit the official Cashless Expo 2023 website for more information.

Cashless Expo 2023 provides a platform for attendees to connect with professionals, experts, and peers in the field of business and digitalization. For more details, visit the official website at

For Cashless Expo 2023 related questions, message us at or visit the official event website for more information and Cashless Expo 2023 official social media platforms.

GoDigital Pilipinas Movement, Inc., convened by the Presidential Private Sector Advisory Council – Digital Infrastructure, is a dedicated organization with a mission to uplift the lives of the Filipino People through digitalization. We aim to be the key enabling partner of the Philippine Government in promoting the adoption of digital technologies, and ensuring digital inclusivity through innovation, digital transformation, fostering awareness, development of digital skills, financial inclusion, and wider internet accessibility. We are committed to facilitating a brighter, digitally empowered future for all in the Philippines.

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) is a prime mover of consumer welfare. It is committed to protecting the rights and interests of the consumers and is also committed to developing policies and programs aimed at sustaining the growth and development of the Philippine economy. Besides overseeing the effective implementation and enforcement of trade regulation and fair trade laws, the DTI provides protection to consumers through consumer education and information dissemination programs.

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) is the central bank of the Republic of the Philippines. It was established on 3 July 1993 pursuant to the provisions of the 1987 Philippine Constitution and the New Central Bank Act of 1993. The BSP took over from Central Bank of Philippines, which was established on 3 January 1949, as the country’s central monetary authority. The BSP enjoys fiscal and administrative autonomy from the National Government in the pursuit of its mandated responsibilities.

The Department is the government agency responsible for the promotion of agricultural development by providing the policy framework, public investments, and support services needed for domestic and export-oriented business enterprises.


The DA envisions a food-secure and resilient Philippines with empowered and prosperous farmers and fishers. As such, it shall collectively empower them and the private sector to increase agricultural productivity and profitability, taking into account sustainable, competitive, and resilient technologies and practices. Hence, its battlecry is simply: “Masaganang Agrikultura, Maunlad na Ekonomiya”.

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PLDT Enterprise is the preferred digital services partner of the B2B market. As the corporate business unit of the PLDT Group, its vision is to make a positive impact on every single business by simplifying the complex for various industries. With its wide range of fixed line, wireless,  and ICT services—which run on the Philippines’ most extensive fiber optic backbone, cellular network, and data center footprint—it continues to deliver solutions that create real value for every customer.

Visa is a world leader in digital payments, facilitating transactions between consumers, merchants, financial institutions and government entities across more than 200 countries and territories. Our mission is to connect the world through the most innovative, convenient, reliable and secure payments network, enabling individuals, businesses and economies to thrive. We believe that economies that include everyone everywhere, uplift everyone everywhere and see access as foundational to the future of money movement.  Learn more at

GCash is the #1 Finance Superapp in the Philippines—powered by game-changing innovation, a burning platform, and a purpose-driven organization.


In pursuit of its vision of ‘Finance for All’, GCash paves the way in democratizing financial and lifestyle-related services for Filipinos whoever or wherever they are

UnionBank embraces the future of banking and is committed to be the Philippines’ leading digital bank to best serve the growing needs of Filipinos everywhere.

The Bank has always been among the first to embrace technological innovations to empower its customers. With this, it has consistently been recognized as of one of Asia’s leading companies, ranking among the country’s top universal banks in terms of profitability and efficiency.

UnionBank’s Digital Transformation Strategy reinforced its commitment to deliver superior customer experiences and promote inclusive prosperity in the country. For several years, the Bank was renowned “Best Digital Bank” by prestigious institutions, and also recognized in areas of transformation, people, and culture. With its drive to “Tech Up Pilipinas” and be an enabler of the Philippines’ push to be a G20 country by 2050, UnionBank stands firm in its promise to power the future of banking by co-creating innovations for its customers and for a better world!

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Cashless Expo 2023 Exhibitors


  • Berry Benj
  • Carolines
  • Kristine Jhada
  • Layad
  • Minority Textile
  • Namarabar
  • Pagalaom Studio
  • Rust N Wood

Region 1

  • Catholic Artworks & Religious Trading
  • Esrom House of Eco Buri
  • Ilokana Handicrafts Manufacturing
  • Kultur Siak
  • Napoleons-Hou Yan Food Corporation
  • Aleli Joys Inabel Woven Cloth
  • Sheil PH Inc.

Region 2

  • Lighthouse Cooperative
  • Manjous
  • 3 Shers Food Products
  • David’s Agribusiness
  • JBM Food Products
  • Lapekto Lapel Paper Mache and Wooden Products International
  • Healthy Foods and Gifts

region 3

  • Amigas de Gaea
  • Annikk’s Handy Crafts
  • Brianna Food Creations
  • Khalimah Handicrafts and Souvenirs
  • LJRM Enterprise 
  • Merly’s Food
  • Sta. Maria Dairy

Region 4 Calabarzon

  • Greenlife
  • Quezon’s Best
  • Quezon Federation and Union of Cooperative
  • Tagkawayan Weavers
  • Tongsan

Region 4b Mimaropa

  • 5R Entrepreneurs  Agricultural Ventures and Development Corporation
  • Cnellej Souvenir
  • Danizon Farms
  • Heart of Island
  • HIMO
  • Monte De Ramos
  • Raya Fiber Imperia

region 5

  • HML Foods Corporation
  • HGQ Handicrafts 
  • Larry’s Honey
  • Mayon Treats Food Products

Region 7

  • Adorno 
  • Almar Jewelry Manufacturing
  • Audrey’s Confectioneries
  • Crissander Enterprises
  • Let’s Go Natural
  • MLC Food Products Manufacturing
  • Rachael n Jhundy’s Products
  • Te Amo Catalina

Region 8

  • Buhay Chocolate Processing
  • Clair’s Enterprises
  • Eva Marie Arts and Crafts
  • Marietta’s Food Delicacy and Homemade Products
  • Mayette’s Narrative Food Delicacies

region 10

  • Heavens Bakehaus

Region 11

  • AG Pacific
  • Bioskin
  • Cocolibre
  • Crystal Seas
  • Malagos Agri Ventures Corp
  • Nutrarich Nutraceutical Innovation

Region 12

  • Eric Handicrafts
  • Kayamanan ni Juan
  • Kenhulung Handicrafts
  • Klowil Kem Libon Ong Inc.
  • Kuvi Integrated Farm
  • Sesotunawa Handicrafts
  • Velasco Handicrafts

Security of digital rights and privacy, including the right to access information and personal data protection

Entrepreneurship and innovation to help create new businesses and jobs in the digital economy; and Security of digital rights and privacy, including the right to access information and personal data protection.

Capabilities and digital skills to help Filipinos succeed in the digital economy;

Access to digital technologies, including internet connectivity, mobile devices, and digital literacy training, to all citizens, regardless of their location or socioeconomic status;

Policies and programs that promote the development of digital infrastructure and services, including the expansion of high-speed internet access to underserved areas;